Relived (CLFM 30)

The door opened and he walked in.

I fired.

“Damn, who the hell are you?” Fortunately my aim had been off and my wall now sported a brand new bullet hole.

“Name’s Murray, he’s Les. We come to let you know Lisa Belle’s husband is dead.”

“Dead? Oh, thank goodness, oh, I mean…” Lisa stammered from behind me.

“Dammit,” I swore softly. “None of this would have happened if I’d have kept you from that spiked punch at the prom. We’d have been the ones married, not you and him.”

“It’s over now,” Lisa Belle touched me on the arm gently. “We can start again.”

Something flashed in my side vision and I caught a glimpse of a pale faced youth with wan features.

The world seemed to blink.

Lisa Belle and I were young again, our prom was waiting just inside the hall…


I glared at time travel kid, just to encourage him again. He was doing good though, looked like he’d crossed out a couple of those pages of corrections. Who knows, by the end of this tale maybe he’d have fixed them all.

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