The Letter

The boys were much too polite to say anything about Emily’s outburst on national television, so we avoided the entire subject all the way back to the beach house we were staying in. I had just suggested that we all play Halo when Nick informed me that I had a letter. It was from my uncle James and my aunt Martha.
I ripped it open and sat down on the bed. When I saw what was written in my Uncle’s plain, buisnesslike handwriting, all the color drained out of my face.
Dear Wesley, This letter is to inform you with deepest regret that your Aunt Martha has passed. She died of a heartattack last week. I am also doubly sorry to have to inform you…
The letter went on to say how my uncle did not have the sufficient funds to support me any longer and he would put me in foster care until I was eighteen and able to take care of myself. Strangely, I didn’t cry. I just couldn’t believe this was happening to me.
“I knew he didn’t want me.” I said quietly.
“Wes, what happened?” Kevin asked.
I just shook my head.

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