Hello, S**** E******** M****, I am ME. A Promise to the World

I know who I am, and i love who I am, but when around her, I loose myself. I am a funny guy, I have been called handsome (and by people other than my mom on a sunday morning), and I am a nice! Im really nice to everyone! Why do I loose all these qualities around her?

I like her, more than I have ever liked anyone else, but why can’t I just be myself?!

We have been on what, 4 “dates” now? I have had a great time each time, but I have always left kicking myself for being so quiet, closed, and unable to act how I feel.

Ok me! Listen up!!!

The reason she has gone out with you 4 times is because she likes you. She wants to go out with you! Not some nervous guy! She didnt ask him to the dance, she asked you! Not the nervous guy, she wants the fun, interesting guy!!!

From now on Ficleteers, I swear to you and myself, that I will never show my nervous side to her again. Its not fair to her, and that is being mean to her.

Hello, S.E.M, I am ME

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