Prom 2 (CLFM 31)

It all came back like a good and bad memory. Lisa Belle bubbling with excitement on my arm, the punch that Danny Gene had spiked with moonshine.

I had to keep an eye on him, he’d been trying to steal Lisa Belle from me for months. I was going to have to keep her from that punch.

“Come on, let’s grab a drink and dance,” Lisa Belle pulled me towards the buffet table.

Dance. I couldn’t dance. I remember I refused the first time round, which is why I’d let her drink too much, and found her naked beneath Danny a few hours later. She’d had to marry him then. Her daddy wouldn’t accept anything else.

“Let’s just dance,” I said.

She looked at me wide eyed. “You don’t need to, drink?”

I grinned at her. “Your beauty has me drunk enough.”


“I don’t get it Les,” I said as the couple danced clumsily, but happy, around the floor. “Are you like some kind of cosmic do-gooder or what?”

“Uhm, ten out of ten for the what?”

“No good, heard that one before.”

“Wonder how Danny did?” he said

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