I woke up with numb limbs, positive they were broken. It hurt to breathe, a pleasant change from the constant telepathy headache. I was happiest after a thorught beating than at any other time. I was alone with only one voice saying the same thing over and over and over. I lolled my head back and fell into a thick, dreamless, sleep.

That lasted maybe ten minutes. I was awakened by more torturous screams, only they weren’t inside my head. And they were words. This was the part of the punishment I despised with every fiber of my severely weak being. I tried, wihtout success, to tune it out. My head pounded, my brain wouldn’t be able to take this a second longer.I shook my head and walked out. Out of the room, out of the building. And screamed. Screamed my heart out. Before I knew it, I was running.

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