Future Memories of a First Kiss that Hasn't Happened Yet...

He reached across the cool gratted metal of the table, and scooped her small hand into his. The gold of his graduation gown glittered in the sun, like the sparkle of the tear in her eye.

“Hey there, its not over. I’ll always be for you! Always”

He reached up with his free hand and pushed her soft bangs out of her face.

“I still think of you when it rains,”... It came out as a whisper, but it echoed in her ears and lingered in the air. Suddenly, he was a sophomore, and she was once again a freshmen.

He held open the exit door of the theater and they walked out into the rain. She immediately started spinning, letting her arms swing around her body.

“Hah! What are you doing?”

“Im dancing in the rain!”

He skipped after her, and placed his hands on her soft hips, stopping her spin. “This ones a slow song”

Instead of draping her hands over his shoulders like at homecoming, she slide them across his neck. The cool rain rolled down the two faces joined at the lips for the first time

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