Die Too Slowly (CLFM 32)

“Hi, My name is Richard Quickly, some people call me Dick.”

I recognized Danny, chubbier and greasier, than when he was younger. Still the same old trickster though, selling his get rich schemes by the dozen.

“So call me now and get into the whole scheme for a mere fifty bucks a week and by the end of the year you’ll be a millionnaire!”

Danny padded offstage as the tv crew began winding up for the next commercial. He didn’t even give us a second look.

“Doesn’t seem to be doing too well for himself,” I noted.

“Even worse at home,” Les agreed.

I remembered Lisa Belle’s bruises and her haunted look.

“Not like that,” Les pulled me back. “His wife is dying and he can’t afford the medical to heal her.”

That stopped me short. I’d never have thought our Danny would care enough for someone else.

“We’d best go see her,” I said. “See what we can do for her.”

“Right you are boss,” Les said. I stared at him. “Kid,” he added. “Right you are, Kid.”

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