lets play the fun facts game!! (a.k.a. a tribute to barry manilow)


FACTS !!!!!!

1. i can say the hail mary in spanish
2. ive won several international pop lock and drop it contests
3. my birthday is on national cake day
4. i sat on buzz lightyears lap!!
5. my first word was “here”
6. i own 7 phones
6.8. once i petted a donkey!!
7. ive been to france
7 9/12. im a girl scount
8. I drink your milkshake!
9. i got a perfect score on the SATs
9o. i was the first WOman to walk on beans

PLEASE sequel withh YOUR fun facts!?!?!,.,.,.

send me a note with which facts u think are true

the winner will get ABSOULUTILY NOTHING !!!


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