my attempt at my own challenge!!!

“Ready? Open your eyes!” The lights went on and i looked around. It was DECORATEd with pictures of my friends and me in light blue frames. Us at the beach, school dance, in my pool. The walls were PURPLE and posters were up of 50 CENT , FERGIE and TAYLOR HICKS . (my mom doesnt know i hate him) My bed had ANIMAL print pillows and sheets. There was a FOREST green family photo alblum on my desk, along with a CD of my favorite band, Jack ATTACK . “Wow mom!” I smiled “It looks great! Thanks!”
I looked in my closet. Everything was hung up on hangers. I took out a pair of jeans. “Mom these don’t fit anymore.” I said “I TOLD YOU NOT TO EAT THAT cheesesteak!” my mom joked. I rolled my eyes. I looked on my floor. My black DKNY sweater was in a ball on the floor. “Oh, I’M SORRY ABOUT THE SWEATER ” my mom picked it up. “It’s ok.” I said. No wonder she didnt care about that sweater. SHE HAD FIVE !
But my room looked good. I was happy.
“OK honey,now go downstairs to see uncle bob and jack. THEY LIKED THE CAKE you made!”

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