To Weak to Even get my own Coconut!

Oh this fish tastes so good! Mike looked at me as I ate like I haven’t ate anything in a week.

Mike: Hungry much?
Me: Ya! Sorry.

I looked him and he smiled. I then looked away eating some more of the fish. If only I had something to drink!

Me: Anything to drink?
Mike: Just coconuts. I got a couple and piled them up over there. Let me get you one.
Me: No I can do it.
Mike: No you just sit there.
Me: What am I to weak to get my own coconut?
Mike: Exactly! Wait… I didn’t mean it that way.

I walked away from him to grab the coconut, and then I walked to the shore. I didn’t want to come back to him. He started walking up to me, I could hear him. Don’t turn around.

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