the supposed to be "best friend"

there are always those girls.
the ones that think they are better than everyone else. whether its because of their appearances, or the amount of money their family has, there are alot of girls liek that.
some can really bring you down, cause they are so called “friends.” which lead us to this story.

it started with another normal day at school. “she” comes up to me. “heyy, i was just wondering, who do you like?” i reply with a smile and said the name. i looked at her with a curious facial expression, “hey, wait. do you like him?” she looked at me and said, “eww, gross. noo. ” there was a sign of relief but still some doubt.

the next day i go to school, to see that “her” and him are talking and flirting alottt. i was the type to hide all feeling, too scared to say whats really on my mind, she was the type to go for what she wanted, and do whatever it took to get it. fair competition huh?

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