1. A Quick Place to Hide

His hand slipped in hers, but he refused to let go, and tightend his vice like grip as they sprinted towards the house, that began to look more and more dilapidated as they approached the front porch. Mikes heart pounded in his ears along with his and Sarah’s quick heaving breathes. There was another sound.

A human scream so loud, the damage to the vocal cords was audible as a sharp crackle, echoed from an unseen source in the forest behind them.

In a single leap they were over the porch and into the house.

“Sarah, get up stairs!”

Without hesitation, she darted up the worn staircase. Mike ran one of the broken windows, and fell to his knees until he could bring himself to peek over the peeling window sill.

No more than 200 yards away, a thin pale man charged towards the house, his eyes jet black voids and his clothes soaked in red.

“Shit, shit, oh shit…”

He stood up on shaky legs and looked towards the stairs. Sarah stood at the top, a single grenade in her hand, and fear on her face.

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