the supposed to be "best friend" 2

i walked up to the people i could call real best friends. hey guys whats going on with “her” and __?” and one of them just looked at me, and i knew what she was gonna say. “well….theyre going out now” at that moment my heart stopped, my stomach dropped, and i felt like i had just got off a crazy rollercoaster ride. i was speechless, heartbroken, and more sad than ever.

What really got me was just yesterday, i asked her, and her response was EWW . what is that? why does stuff happen like this? it was almost as though she just did it to make me mad, or to show.. haha i won. some friend that was.
i couldnt dare to look at her or speak to her for that matter.
i was crushed, and the worst part is “he” was my best friend.

i was at home in my room, sitting there, contemplating on what had happened. what had i done? why couldnt i have told him sooner? why wasnt i more like her?

but then it hit me. i didnt want to be like her. why would i want to? she was a lousy friend yet i didnt hate her

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