the supposed to be "best friend" 3

this was all so messed up, i was soo confused, what was my next move? what was my next thought? i was speechless

when suddenly, my mom walks in to notice that im not really myself at all. “whats wrong baby girl?” she asked me. i told her the story and began to cry. she just looked at my, whiped my tears and said one statement that made the most sense. “I guess shes not what you could call a true friend.”

i didnt hate her, just cause i couldnt call her a real friend, didnt mean that she couldnt still be “a” friend. so now, she is a friend, i just didnt treat her the same, trust her the same, talk to her the same. it was different, she was just another person in the class. thats all she would be until i felt she could ever be a “true friend”. if that was even possible.

so the after math of this story is this…
“Her” and him broke up after a week
“her” and i are still friends, just not like before -
-him and i are happier than could be

History repeats itself, but this time, no happy ending

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