Curb the Bite (CLFM 34)

Something was changing. Les had gone from being an overpowerful demon to something more like a colleague.

If that was so, what did it say about me? What exactly had I become.

I pondered that as I drove the chevy along the highway. Les looked like he was genuinely sleeping beside me.

“Hey listen to this one,” he mumbled.

Guess I was wrong about the sleeping.

“A sad man’s will,
cannot fulfil,
when pain so real,
and death so near,
can make you feel,
an abject fear.

Bite back the cries,
and wait for prayer,
your healer is there,
and overflowing with care.

Well, whatya think?”

I nodded, not overly impressed but then I didn’t even know demons could do poetry.

“It rhymes,” I said.

He settled back in the set, readying himself for sleep again.

“First time you ever said anything nice about my poems.” He grinned.

He slept, I drove on – confused.

Just how many poems has he told me?

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