Ooops! (CLFM 35)

“So, uhm, why are we here?” I looked out over the field, the nearest building was over a mile away.

“Oh, sorry.” Les touched a device on his arm that I’d never seen before and one of those blue time warp thingies appeared.

“Not again, I’m not going through-”

Too late.

I gave myself the once over. No dress, hair the same, still had stubble. Good, I wasn’t a girl this time. I saw my image in a store window. I looked the same.

Hmm, Mike’s Warehouse and Electronics Outlet. I wondered if they had a bathroom inside.

“Go ask?” Les suggested.


“Bathroom! Geesh,” Mike Graf looked at me as if I’d crawled out of the sewer – well I had. He slapped a box down in front of me. “6000 dollars and you can use the one through there.”


“Done,” Les gave him a credit card.

In the warehouse the blue and red crates were glowing in a rather odd manner. I felt a tug on my pants leg.

“When you leave, please take me with you,” the rat begged.

“Sure,” I agreed.

“Now,” it suggested.

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