The Return of the Murderman, P.12

“You were great back there!â€? Shane said now that they were back in the truck and heading to a restaurant, “your voice sounded all calm and that last part really got you this case, I was sure of it.â€? Sarah didn’t smile but she did turn her head toward him to say, “really to me it sounded shaking.â€? She looked at her hands and then lifted the envelope and waved it saying, “but yeah I did score this case!â€? Her voice dropped it’s enthusiastic tone and became low and serious, “but
thanks and thanks for taking the case with me, I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own.â€? When she finished they drove in silence for a while but once they had turned into Bob Evans and he gripped the door to get out he stopped and turned toward her reaching a hand to cup her face affectionately, “your welcome!â€? With that they both hopped out and walked in to the restaurant together.

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