Tales Waiting to be Told {uselessness's Living Description's challenge}

The hardbacked books pressed against one another as they stood at attention lined perfectly in the bookshelves of the library. They held their breath, as the children passed by.

Which one would be selected this time? The fingers slipped across their spines, sending chills of excitement through the pages.

A collective shiver could almost be felt as the children rambled on their weekly visit to select their reading companions. Silent cheers rang out as one after another was pulled from the shelf to be taken home and enjoyed.

The unheard sobs of those left behind were left to be comforted by the librarians readying for the next group of youngsters. Books returned by the first group were checked over for wounds by negligent delinquents. Some were in need of serious medical care, while others only needed bandaging.

Once the harried workings were finished, the ritual began again. The soundless wishes of the books sang out again. So many tales waiting to be told. So many stories needing to be heard.

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