Chapter unknown -- Homecoming

Aaron was waiting at baggage claim for her. He was dressed sharply in a blue business suit and tie, a strong contrast to the dress code of most other MIT graduates.

“Kiley, there you are!” He greeted her warmly. “It’s great to see you! Although I’m shocked to see my baby sister back from the wild world of Las Vegas.” He teased her.

She pushed him back playfully, “Come on, I can be responsible too, just because I let loose when I’m around you.”

He smiled, that guileless, big brother smile that she’d known her entire life.

“So, how’s Marisol?”, Kiley asked, eager to distract herself from her own torments.

“She’s doing well, feisty as always…” he continued, telling of the latest problems Marisol was causing with the University bureaucracy.

“Aaron, thank you for picking me up.” she said after the conversation had petered out.

“No problem, that’s what having a big brother is for. Oh, the company needs a new graphic designer, I can’t take care of all the ads myself anymore. You interested?” He offered.

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