All of the problems, the fact that I am stranded, and my parents don’t know where I am, and that we have to survive on our own, didn’t seem so bad. I think I really like Mike. Though, it might be the fact that it is just him and me.

Mike: Demi? You ok?
Me: Wha?

I turned around and Mike was at shore. Wow, I must have been daydreaming.

Mike: You’re just standing there in the water.
Me: Oh ya, I am ok.
Mike: Well then common. We need to make some shelter and see if anything had washed up on shore on the other side of the island.
Me: Why on the other side?

He frowned and I knew. This might be tough to go see. I walked to shore and wringed out my hair. I walked to him and I saw a tear in his eye. I could almost cry seeing the look on his face. Though I don’t remember much, he remembered everything. I have to ask him a lot of questions, like how I showed up on shore when I can’t swim very well. What I knew right now though, was that he needed a hug.

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