Chloe and Kevin

I knew they were talking about me, they always did! I was such a geek and I knew it. But what I hated was that Kevin used to be my best friend. We shared some special moments, I used to tell him everything. We even made out! He told me not to say anything for his reputation. He thought he was all that, just because he started to hang out with the popular people!
When Jenn and Van started to walk over to me with Kevin, I started to get nervous!

“Hey Chloe, Kevin here says that you have made out with some one, who was it?â€? Jenn asked.

I looked at her, then at Van, then finally at Kevin. His eyes were filled with dread and plea. I thought, quickly, about how much he had hurt me and said without hesitation

“Kevin, it was Kevin.â€?

I saw Jenn and Van’s heads snap back towards Kevin, who had made him-self shrink back into nothing

He stared at me hard and disbelievingly and then proceeded to deal with Jenn and Van.

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