Ruby Tuesday

I saw her beat up car turn out of the student parking lot one morning as the rising sun dyed everything purple.

That image became burned into the back of my mind. I couldn’t see her face, for those brief seconds, only the shadow of the back of her head through the window. But somehow I knew she was wearing those ridiculous blue sunglasses, left arm hanging out the window, long hair blowing behind her.

You know, she never did say goodbye. But Ruby wasn’t the sort of girl who said goodbye.

I don’t know how it happened, to tell you the truth. I feel like these past few months have lasted for years. It’s hard for me to remember what my life was like before I met Ruby – it would have been impossible to get from who I was to who I am without her. It’s so strange, how one person can do that to you.

I stood at the edge of the parking lot, keys in my hand, staring down the empty street.

I thought about going after her, but I knew it wouldn’t change things.

And, somehow, I knew she’d be back.

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