“But you’ve got me, don’t you?”
I stopped dead and stared at her. Never before had this girl, who I had been friends with for ten years, seemed so beautiful.
There was nothing special about the conversation we had been having. I had just been complaining about something on our way home from school.
Fresh snow blanketed the ground and the world seemed to have fallen silent. She smiled and continued on her way.
She’d never stood out much. She was a normal girl. Mud-brown hair and imperfect skin, never really spoke up. It was mere coincidence we became friends. We were neighbors. Even though she was always around, I had always thought I was alone. I was one of the most astute in school, and I thought of everyone else as idiots. I isolated myself from them, I thought myself above them.
She never left though. I sometimes thought she was the stupidest of them all. Didn’t she realize I didn’t care?
But here she was, accepting me. Spelling it out.
I wasn’t alone.

When angels fall to earth, no one notices.

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