A Purple Knight

Des clous! He’s purple!” exclaims Quinn.
“WFT!? When did we become French?” asks Aurora.
“Why did Sir Gavin turn purple?” Abella asks.
Carl and Marina stand on Sir Gavin’s pillow and try to figure out why our friend has turned purple, but they can’t come to any reasonable conclusions.
Finally Marina says, “We’ll just have to wait until we land and get help.”
Suddenly Sir Sebastian has a meltdown. He has fallen to the floor and pounds his fists on the ground. “Oh why!? Why must this happen!? He’ll die! Alack the day! Oh woe! Oh spite!”
“Pull it together, Sir Sebastian!” exclaims Sir Damien. “We are manly men! We are strong! We shall pull through!”
Quinn snickers. “Manly men…that’s a good one!”
Sir D throws a pine cone at Quinn’s head (where he got this pine cone, I have no idea). She responds by smacking him in the face.
“You started it!”
“Guys!” Marina interrupts. “Look!”
They all rush to the window and see a small blue castle surrounded by ice and snow.
“Maybe someone in that castle can help us!”

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