Totally Taylor the Strawberry!

Oh my gosh! It is Miranda! I better stay in hiding though. It is nice to see her still alive!

Hi my name is like Taylor and I am like a talking Strawberry. I am like the only seriously talking strawberry left. I totally hate seeing my brothers and sisters get eaten and cooked. I wish I could break into tears, but then I would probably like get caught. Also I would ruin my ripeness!

Anyways! I like fashion! I mean look at my curves. Seriously! My hair just used to be like so green and cool, but now it is so like half brown. I am not sure if I like it or not, but I hope if you ever see me I will look sooooo good that you might not eat me. I would really really appreciate if you would like not eat me. That would like ruin my day!

So that is like a bit about me! Taylor the Strawberry! TOTALLY !

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