Blue Sky

That guy was crazy, Crystal thought. That was the only explanation. She couldn’t see at all how aliens could walk among us, live among us. Wouldn’t we know?

Ah, no, he’d explained. They look just like us. They’re masters of disguise.

Sure, whatever.

They communicate with pulses of blue light, he’d told her, earnest as a puppy. His eyes didn’t look crazy, but the words pouring out of his mouth, well, that was a whole ‘nother story. Most people don’t see the light, because it’s almost the same color as the sky.

She’d left a buck-fifty on the counter, to cover her coffee. She’d gotten up, tried to escape him by going out the door, into the sunlit avenue. He’d followed. Maybe she should’ve tried the ladies’ room.

Just open your eyes! he’d screamed, as she’d walked on. Look up to the skies and see!

It was getting bright. She pulled her sunglasses out of her purse.

A blue pulse caught her eye, then another and another. She stopped.

Dear God, she thought. He’s right. They’re everywhere.

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