Flee For the Hills (CLFM 41)

The wedding was a gorgeous affair. Serious money had been put into this 300 guest do. The bride looked radiant, the groom looked like an ass.

“He does rather, doesn’t he?” Les agreed with my description.

So far the jerk had made three of the bridesmaid cry, propositioned two others and smacked the ring bearer for getting too close to the cake. The poor mite hadn’t even been tall enough to reach it.

Yet everyone ignored his behavior simply because he was money.

Right now he was on his sixth glass of champagne and the wedding hadn’t even taken place yet.

“I hope she doesn’t go through with it this time,” I said, glancing at my temporalscope.

Damn, so that’s this thing on my wrist. Whatever it was the predictions were good. McLeod was likely to walk away from this bad marriage. Seth wouldn’t beat her near to death and damage her womb beyond use. She would be able to have the children she yearned for.

“Fixed,” Les announced twenty minutes later, then we stepped through another blue portal.

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