Harsh Excitements

With a light heart, I clutched the miraculous paper to my chest and shakily got up from where I had been sitting. My hair whipped around me as the Oklahoma wind flowed pleasntly in the midst. I looked out at the broad sunset spilling over the flatlands and wiped my tears away.

I had to tell someone about this.

I ran, far and hard, tripping as excitement made me go faster. My bare feet hit the harsh dirt and I ran around the trailers, finally reaching the one painted bright red.

“Jim? Jim, you there?” I asked, knocking hard on the screen door. A tall, lanky boy answered the door, brushing his hand through his thick, long, brown hair and smiled at me. He opened the door with one well-built arm and leaned against the doorpost.

“Hey Lani, how are ya?” He asked in his deep cowboy accent, his brown eyes dancing.

“I’m great, would you look at this?!” I practically shoved the paper into his hand, grinning with my own pride. He skimmed over it and then looked up at me, his smile disappearing.

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