My Fantastic Ficlet Adventure! ~Blusparrow Challenge~

My first Ficlet was about Mutants. That eventually mutated into a story about a couple rock climbing leading up to the horribly cliched moment when one of them fell. After that I took a little trip around the romance block with a bunch of single, sappy, drippy Ficlets about boys and girls.

Then I get busted by the AAACOIF for using the word interesting to often (sentenced to 10 Hours of Ficlet Community Service!), kicking off a rather funny Ficlet duel between me and Codename: &, in which I was confused with being a guy. (It must have been the Spider-Man Icon)

My first 5-Star Rating came on So Cliche 3 1/2 from Kermitgorf. (Thanx!) Then around then came Completely Colorless the story that started Ana Cristina’s Bluest Blue. After that Jerry Springfield’s awful, green Leather Pants, my first series people actually liked.
Then I crossed from romance to Western with Tanya and the Masked Stranger. From Western I went to Sci-fi/Fantasy with Band Baby and the Them series!

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