CherryPop Makes a Run For It

Liam grabbed my arm and started pulling me toward the parking lot. My barrier disintegrated as I lost concentration and the zombies stumbled after us.

I was exhausted though. Holding a spell together takes a lot out of you. My heart was pounding so hard with exertion that I thought it would burst free and scamper off on its own. I tripped over my own clumsy feet and went down, taking Liam with me. The zombies fell on us, scratching, ripping, biting, trying to get to our tasty – well, my tasty flesh. Liam’s is not so yummy.

The acrid taste of adrenaline filled my mouth along with a healthy wallop of fear. I screamed. The fear became a surge of energy that flowed out of me and swept into the rotting corpses on top of us. It sent them all flying backwards like a bubble bursting.

I scrambled to get up. I was bitten and bleeding but with Liam’s help we got to our feet and ran for the truck as the closest zombies regrouped and started after us again.

We reached the safety of my truck, jumped in and took off.

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