Shoud I?

Should I ask? I really want to. I shouldn’t intrude. Especially since Sam already thinks I’m a stalker.

But… they didn’t all day. I don’t have to talk to Sam, I could ask Jess. My cheeks burned at the though. But, he did say he missed me.

Maybe… I don’t know. Why am I obsessing over this? And why do I feel so… hopeful?

Because right now I really hate Sam. Wow, that’s a horrible thing to say. But I’m pretty sure she feels the same.

Ok. Too much obsessing, I’m just going to do it. Tomorrow. At the beginning of the day.

No! Not at school! That’s not a good idea. I think I should call him. Yeah, I’m gonna call him.

So, the phone is in my hand. Not quite sure how it got there. Well, better dial his number before I lose the nerve. I dial it. The numbers are easy to find, I don’t even have to look at the phone, I know the number that well.

“Hello?” Does he sound sad or am I imagining it?

“Uh, hi. It’s Christy. I um, I just, I guess I was wondering. Are you and, well, are you ok?”

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