Stovohobo's Ficlets Best Practices: No More Nonsense

All right, it seems Robotech_Master has basically covered every single one of the things I would’ve said, but I have one more little peeve of mine.

In the past, there have been certain users who use ficlets for the wrong reasons. Basically, they were just using ficlets as an outlet for her random, no-storyline ramblings that didn’t make any sense and almost never received a rating above one or two stars.

I haven’t heard from many of them in a while, but there seem to be a few other people doing it now too. I just want to say that ficlets is a place to write, not to post one-sentence nonsensical…may I use the word garbage?

Something like: “once there was a pickle named Larry and hesdfbaifjroigjbsff. aaha a chicken!” Or they’d sequel someone’s ficlet with “and everyone died. the end.”

Then they’d never comment anything besides their own stories, praising it and saying how hilarious it is. Please, just don’t do that.

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