The Curse

Madison looked out at the dark clouds rolling over the sky and prayed they’d pass. She didn’t want to test her curse.

Her prayers didn’t seem like they were going to be answered. A blinding flash only took a second to be followed by a deafening thunderclap. She felt tears start at the back of her eyes. She ran to her room, drew the curtains, locked the door, and stood with her back against the closet. Her chest heaved up and down with fear, her rich chestnut hair gone wild from the sudden movement.

Another flash penetrated her curtains. Her amber eyes went automatically to the window, searching for anything that she might have to run from. Nothing yet. She noticed the tears were now going down her cheeks. She wasn’t sure if there was a push coming from the door of her closet, but she shut it tighter just in case. She spread her arms out and tensed. She wasn’t ready for this! He did say it would be during a storm when she least expected. She shook her head and braced. She knew he’d come soon.

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