An Apple a G'day Mate

Arnie Apple ere, ow are ya? I’m avin a bit of a bad day ere.

Seems all me mates are getting chopped into salads n pies for some fancy schamcy dinna party.

No way is some crazee pie lady gonna be makin me a dessert. No siree bob. Not on your life.

I’ll just jump off this ere table onto that dumb dogs ead and pop on outta this mad ouse.

Ere I go. Umph. That wasnt so ard.

Oh, crickey seems dawgs do like apples. I’m inna bit of a pickle ere.

Let go ya mangy dingo.

O well, just a bite mark, didn’t get me to the core, I’ll live don’t you worry bout ole Arnie Apple ere.

G’Day mate.

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