Amazing Grace {Name Challenge}

Her parents sat in the audience, their eyes were filled with tears of pride. They watched their daughter, Grace, leap across the stage like an angel. Her ballet slippers occasionally touching the floor, but it was almost hard to believe. It seemed as if she was floating.
She sprung, she twirled, she pranced, but most important of all, she perservered. She dreamt of this day her whole life. She, like the rest of the world, have fell at some point, but she always got back on her feet, sometimes with ballet slippers, sometimes without.
She was creative when it came to coreography, she must have gotten that gene from her father, a writer. No one, since the day she was born, would imagine this moment.

The stage was all hers.

She’s known as Gracie, Grace, and sometimes even Grace Marie Calvert. But what we all know her as today is Amazing Grace.

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