Sorrow Solved (CLFM 48)

We walked to the church since it was only a few blocks away. There was no rush anyway since another of our agents, Susan Holder, was manning the site.

Gary would probably be there too, since this was the final repair to be made.

I still didn’t know what to do about Gary. Since becoming director of the Temporal Protection and Policy department this was the biggest breach of temporal regulations we’d ever had. We’d be lucky if the Senate didn’t cut our funding and send the FBI in to take control.

We found Susan in the church, hugging a child. Both were crying. Susan and past Susan, Both mourning the inexplicable loss of their mother so suddenly. For one it was a present day reality, for the other a long forgotten memory brought back to life.

Gary finally appeared. The youth looked exhausted, but not chastened.

“Return their mother,” I growled. “Then meet me in my office in ten minutes.”

“Sir!” he yelped.

Les and I returned to the chevy, and back to our own time.

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