Golden Duet

“Find her? How would we do that?”

“We sing to her,” Ligeia said.

“But if we don’t know where she is—” I began.

“Our song will find her. It’s a magic thing.” She shrugged. “I’ve been trying to do it for both of you for years, but something’s been blocking me from her—and your amnesia kept you from hearing me. But now that we’re together, maybe the combined strength of our song can punch through to her.”

“Well, I’m game if you are. But I don’t think I know the words to any of your songs.”

She smiled. “We don’t need known words. We sing from our heart, and the words come.”


“Indeed. Shall we begin?”

I nodded, and she closed her eyes and began to sing. A breeze stirred her hair, and the words had a deeper resonance than a mere voice could provide. It was as if there was a choir of voices singing with her, very far away.

She completed a verse, and nodded at me. I opened my mouth, unsure what to say—then the words began to come. I joined my voice to hers, and together we sang.

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