The Terrarium Lady Vanishes

Alan glared at the terrarium for the fourth time in ten minutes, fighting the urge to tap on the glass. It had happened again.

The first time a girl had vanished, he had been puzzled—and annoyed, since he had been planning to “rescue” her after a night in the rain. He hadn’t meant to harm anyone, just throw a scare into them and then let them go. It wasn’t as if anyone would believe he had imprisoned them in the little glass dome on his desk.

So he’d put another girl in there. He hadn’t gone hunting for one, but when she just wouldn’t leave him alone…

And it had happened again. And a third time.

Alan had sworn he’d keep a closer eye on Nina. And certainly, she had seemed to be doing better than the other girls. Who would have thought she’d actually be able to build a shelter?

But this morning, she was gone. All he could find anywhere were the grazing unicorns. (Though…were there more of them than there had been?)

Alan pulled a small remote out of a drawer. Maybe it was time to take a closer look.

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