Pineapple Juice

Penelope pineapple here, atop the refrigerator, about to jump down onto the dog that is terrorizing all the fruit in the palace’s kitchen.

The Pie lady has fainted, thanks to Betty Blackberry shouting out to let us all go. Brave berry.

I will land on the dogs head and knock him out. Even if he awakens before my escape, he won’t be able to bite through my hard shell. Won’t hurt me a bit.

My plan seems to have worked. The dog is out. The crazy pie lady is still down too. Escape for us all is at hand.

Uh, oh.. the Lady of the manor has arrived. Is that a baseball bat in her hand??

Oh no it is. Sure wish I could roll like the other fruits.

Penelope Pineapp….

“Pineapple juice for breakfast dear?”, the Lady of the manor asked her husband the Lord of the manor.

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