Kiwi Kourage


Oh dear, oh dear!

My poor friend, Penelope, made into juice!

Who could do such a thing?!?!

Well, I must avenge her juicing! Kevin the Kiwi is taking action!

Come on now, just a little jump down the cereal boxes by the edge of the fridge… Come on! Be brave! Kiwis are not cowards!

There! I’ve made it to the kitchen floor!

But, what is this?

The mad Lady with the bat has come back, looking for more fruits to pulverize!

Oh me! She’s seen me! Oh dear! Come on now, I just need to get into the dining room door! Almost, almost! Yes! She’s following me!

Escape my fellow fruity friends! Escape while the Lady is distracted!

Oh dear! Is that the basement door I spy? In there now, Kevin!

See you all later, or, erm, perhaps I won’t see you in that frightening dark!

Don’t forget to write occasionally!

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