Go Talk To Her

I couldn’t even begin to understand the kind of pain Wesley was in. She had no idea where she was going to go. After all, she couldn’t stay with the Jonas Brothers forever.

I started to cry. Wesley had become such a wonderful friend. We were experiencing an amazing part of our lives, traveling with rock stars! And now, look what had to happen to her. I laid my head on Nick’s shoulder, still crying. He rubbed my arm and tried to comfort me.

Did this mean it was the end? Would Wes have to leave, never to return again? This made me cry even harder.

Kevin was now sitting on the chair across from Nick, Joe, and I. His head was cupped in his hands. Then he looked up at Joe. “You gotta go out there and talk to her.”

Joe turned to Nick. “I don’t want to upset her worse,” he said in a worried tone.

“No,” said Nick, “she needs you right now.”

Joe got up and nervously walked out the door.

As soon as he was gone, Nick whispered in my ear, “My brother has the biggest crush on Wes.”

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