The line of blood that surfaces on my wrist after a slide of the blade startles me.

I didn’t know there would be so much blood… I thought, feeling light-headed. I stare at the wound for several minutes, watching the blood gush out, and then, slowly stop.

I can’t do this, I think as I sponge up the blood with a paper towel, Cutting isn’t cool- it hurts!

After most of the blood is cleared off, I see some more dried to my skin. As my mouth falls open, the wound begins to sting.

My breathing becomes heavier. And as the pain continues on, I start to scream. I rush over to the kitchen seek, turning on cold water and jerking my wrist under the faucet.

I feel dizzy again as the pain ceases. I put my hand to my forehead, swearing I’d never do this again. After the spell passes, I turn off the sink, take another piece of paper towel, and carefully dab the wound.

Walking into the bathroom, I take out the box of band-aids. Placing one on my wrist, I put everything away and go and lay down.

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