I'm Here For You

I just sat there staring at the black night sky, all kinds of things running through my head. I was scared,just like I was when my parents died,and I was angry because my Uncle hadn’t told me about my Aunt and I’d missed the funeral. I heard footsteps behind me on the porch but didn’t turn around.
“Wes? Are you okay? Well,I know you’re not okay…”Joe trailed off and sat down next to me.
“I know what you mean,Joe.” I said quietly, not looking at him.
He was silent for a minute.”Do you want to go for a walk?” he asked hesitantly.
“Sure.” I said. We got up and walked down the beach.
I didn’t speak at all and neither did Joe for awhileThen he just started to sing.
You know when the sun forgets to shine
I’ll be there to hold you through the night
We’ll be running so fast we can fly

I finally looked at him.
“Wesley, I…” he stopped.
“I’m sorry, about your Aunt,and I want you to know I’m here for you, ok?” he finished.
I nodded,I couldn’t find words.
He just hugged me and didn’t let go.

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