Not the Worlds Greatest Writer { A Conversation with myself}

You’re not the worlds greatest writer you know.
I’m aware of that, I never said I was, that we are I mean.

Just saying, so you’re number two most active author on a short story site. It’s not like your J.K. Rowlings.

You mean we’re not, you’re me remember?

And I’m you. Don’t you think I know that already. Just saying. Don’t get too full of yourself. Our self.

Well I know there are plenty better than me. Us. But still I got a right to be proud don’t I?

Sure sure, I won’t take that away from you. Us I mean. Just saying, don’t get obsessed about being number 1 is all. Quailty over quantity you know.

So stop checking to see how many stories the other authors have written, that’s what you’re saying?

That’s what stop being obsessed means.
So just stop. Like that. You know I’m addicted right?
I know that better than anyone else.

So I’ll just write for the pleasure and not worry about my status. You really think my stories are good?

Our stories.

So, what you think about this?

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