“Just who do you think you are?” She said into the telephone.

“Why, I am your master of course.â€?

She closed her eyes recognizing the timbre of a voice too smooth and much too melodic for words. Her thoughts raced, _ I shouldn't have been surprised by his voice ... I shouldn't have been caught off guard ... _ they stopped in their tracks once she realized that silence had once again become her companion.

“You don’t own me.” She said shakily.

“Come now child, you don’t even sound sure of that yourself.â€?

A haze filled her brain; blurring her thoughts almost lulling her into obedience. As quickly as the cloud came, it left, leaving her with a sense of angry helplessness. “Your tricks won’t work on me this time.”

“Oh really?” He sounded bored

Irritation spread through her. _ He knows exactly what he’s doing … that bastard!_ The male on the other side chuckled again. With a shaking hand, she hung up.

“It’s over now,â€? she sighed as relief rushed through her veins.

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