Giving Blood

Things were going great until she got to the question and answer part or the process.

Giggles escaped her lips when he made a joke, her neck blushed red when he remarked on her necklace, and their mutual philanthropic interests only made the flirting more fulfilling.

She had pricked his finger (“This might sting.” “I think I can handle it), taken his blood pressure and placed the paper strip thermometer under his tongue, her neck getting a deeper and deeper scarlet.

But in order to ensure blood safety, there’s a set of questions. That’s where the trouble began.

“Have you ever had a skin matter graft?”
“Have you ever had Babsiosis?”
“Have you ever had sex, even once, with another man since 1977?”
“Um…once, but it was after drinking waaaaay too much.”
She paused for a long, long time.
“Have you ever exchanged drugs or money for sex, even once, since 1977.”
Allen hung his head.

It might have been his imagination, but the needle stick seemed to really sting this time.

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