Anti-Cat Mojo

“What the hell?” Sarah screamed, punching Simon on the shoulder, tears streaming down her face.

“Ow,” Simon said. “He’ll be fine. I never thought I’d say this: maybe we should call the cops? Let them handle it.”

Sarah slammed Simon against the wall, his t-shirt bunched in her clenched fists. “Screw that, you douchebag! Those things are gonna kill him!”

“Hey, until I know what we’re dealing with, I’m not goin back in there!” Simon said, futilely attempting to push Sarah away.

“He’s our friend!”

“I’ve only known the kid for a few months…,” Simon said, trailing off as Sarah choked him with her forearm across his throat.

From inside the house, Tommy screamed.

“Fine…get off me,” Simon coughed. Sarah released him. “But I ain’t going in there unprepared,” Simon stated, producing a bit of chalk from his pocket and sketching a summoning circle on the porch.

“What’re you gonna do?” Sarah asked.

“Just what Tom said: whip up some anti-cat mojo. I’m pretty sure I can conjure up a hellhound on short notice…”

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