A transformation occurs

“Ashley!” I said breathlessly, “are you absolutely sure that you want to do this?” “I am sure that the guards would still let you out”

“Too late now” she grunted as the acceleration pushed us against one another. “Besides, you don’t know what I had to do to them to get past and into the escape pod”

“Also, I raided the experimental armaments lab, and I got some very interesting bio-weapons from there”

“Oh no”, I groaned, “do you mean mad-as-a-hatter Harrison’s lab? That place is a freakshow! Dis you see the third arm he grafted on to his youngest child?”

“Forget about that!” Ashley snapped. “Here, inject yourself with this.” She handed me a large hypodermic needle. Harrison was always old-school, no fancy hypo-infusers for his pet projects.

I injected myself with the bright yellow liquid inside. Immediately I felt my body changing. Extra musculature appeared along my shoulders, forearms and shins, my skin started thickening, and a pair of thick yellow fangs sprouted through my lower lips.

We made contact

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