Alone, and So Scared

Richard peered over his shoulder at a full sprint, catching a fleeting glimpse of the door he had been traveling days to enter. Tears poured down his face and mixed with the salty sweat of the brazilian heat.

Every step away from the door was a step away from his wife, his daughter, and his home. It was a step closer to darkness, mind numbing fear, and those, things that had carelessly taken so many innocent lives, yet he could still hear the heavy machine guns pumping pound after pound of ammo into the crowd of screaming zombies.

He stayed close to the high wall of the baracade, hopeing to come across another door, but the reality was that the city had been sealed off completly, save a 6 by 4 foot opening guarded by steel door, that he desperatly ran from.

He stopped, pushed his back against the cold wall, and let his panting breathes turn into heaving sobs. He covered his dripping nose and gaping mouth with his hands, so as not to be heard by any_thing_. How he longed to be on the other side…

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