“Don’t mess with me,” he snarled, “I’m a demon.”

“Oh shut up, you useless wimp! I could take you any day!”

“The only reason you’d win is because I can’t hit a girl!”

“Oh yeah, because your such a gentlemen! Gaud, you frustrate me, your just like-” I came to an abrupt stop.

He looked hurt. “Like who?”

I couldn’t respond.

I stopped punching, caught my breath.

“I can’t believe you just compared me to Madison! You don’t compare your new boyfriend to your old boyfriend!”


“No. That’s it. Now you’ve done it, I don’t have to put up with you anymore.”

I resumed punching, with twice the force.

I couldn’t breathe. “No, no please..”

“And you better not compare any new boyfriends to me.”

“I didn’t mean it like that, we’re both a little frustrated, bu-”

A few more kicks, a hundred more punches, and my boxing practice was over for today.

“If he ever touches me again,” I mumbled with the final whack, “I’ll shoot him.”

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